Children’s poetic and theatrical event “Poetry Ring”

_70N2182On Monday, December 21, 2015 at 7 p.m., a New Year’s children’s poetic and theatrical event “Poetry Ring” was held in the gymnasium of “Jovan Jovanović Zmaj” Elementary School in Pančevo. This “active poetry training” was participate by children choirs “Children from the Moon” from “Vera Radivojević” Home for Children and Youth  in Bela Crkva and “AprilZMAJun” from “J. J. Zmaj” Home for Children and Youth in Belgrade, as well as young musicians from “J. J. Zmaj” Elementary School from Pančevo. Elementary school students from Pančevo and Crepaja, together with some choir members, ecited their poems created during the workshops.

Colourful lights, unusual lyrics, sounds of the guitar, punk spirit, sitting on mats on the floor, the masks and the explosion of paper strips at the end made this celebration magical.


In addition to the magic, visitors brought with them a booklet “The wind is doing its best” – a collection of poems dedicated to the choir “AprilZMAJun”, which had its premiere that evening. The poems had been created through a number of workshops and gatherings at which our associates talked with the children from the choir about their wishes, fears, ideas, problems, about the things that made them laugh, about what they liked and what entertained them, as well as what scared them, saddened and disturbed them. These conversations, translated into verses were rehearsed and performed by the choirs “Children from the Moon” and “AprilZMAJun”.


“Children’s Poetry Ring”, stemming from “Poetry Ring”, the literary event for “adults”, encourages diversity, joyfulness and freedom of the first rhymes and other creative presentations of the youngest. This performance was a review of the results of the creative chaos at workshops, exercises and rehearsals.

The following artists work with children and support them: Ivana Bogićević Leko, “Škart” Art Collective – work with the choirs “AprilZMAJun” and “Children from the Moon”; Ružica Dević, Danilo Šolović and Filip Zarić – literary workshops with elementary school children from Pančevo and Crepaja. Their joint work was presented at the “Children’s Poetry Ring”.

Project: SCORE II Reform of a Child-Friendly Social Protection System – continuation

Objective: Strengthening capacities and networking of civil society organisations and social protection institutions that provide social welfare services to children, in order to develop an appropriate system of support, services and policies related to children belonging to marginalised groups, respecting the principle of the “best interests of the child”.

Implementers: Group 484 (educational program “We and the Others”, Program of Direct Support and Centre for Migration)

Support: Delegation of the European Union and Save the Children


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