Tanja Pavlov

Tanja Pavlov, PhD, is a Director of Group 484 Centre for Migration and Researcher in one of the biggest non-governmental organisations engaged in the field of migration. Her educational background is psychology. She has completed her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade with the thesis Development and Empiric Verification of the Integral Model of Migration Decision Making. She has conducted a large number of research and written or/and edited several books in field of migration: Return of Highly Qualified Migrants to the Western Balkans (2011), Mobility and Emigration of Professionals: personal and social gains and losses (2011), Research Interest for Migration Management in South Western Serbia (2010), Migration Potential of Serbia (2009), Study on Refugee and Displaced Women (2006), etc. She has also been engaged by International Labour Organisation (ILO) to write National Report on Youth Labour Migration in Serbia (2011).

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