Discussions about literature and culture in Zrenjanin

IMG_20151010_124724Group 484 in association with New Optimism Movement from Zrenjanin, organised a series of lectures and discussions on literature and culture for III and IV grade high school students interested in developing the skills of reading, understanding, interpreting and critical reviewing of both literature and popular culture, which are not high school subjects.

The method of work includes discussions on literature, film and popular culture, as well as teaching about competent reading and understanding literature and popular culture. Lectures and discussions are led by Dejan Ilić, editor of “Word” magazine and the publishing house “Book Factory”.


The discussions initiated important questions related to the meaning and perception of works of popular culture, the questions of meaning and significance of stories necessary to reach the question of identity. Students actively participated in the discussions, spoke about their reading experience and compared it with other experiences.

On Wednesday, November 18, the topic of the workshop was the analysis of the film “Next to me” and the special guests were the director of the film Stevan Filipović and actresses Gorica Regodić and Jelena Kesić. Within the workshop, after the film analysis done by students of Zrenjanin High School, they all discussed the shooting of the film, the workshops held before shooting, as well as the key topics and issues the film investigates.

The gatherings have been held since October, once or twice a month, at the premises of “Green Bell” Theatre Club in Zrenjanin.

Project: Our new neighbours – strengthening capacities for understanding cultural diversity – a step further

Objective: Contribute to the development of openness and tolerance in our society

Implementers: Group 484 (educational program “We and the Others”), Book Factory, New Optimism Movement

 Support: CCFD – Terre Solidaire and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation


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