Key stakeholders dealing with asylum participated in two-day counselling at Ečka, Zrenjanin

Group 484 with support from the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade and Fund for Open Society Serbia arranged counselling “Asylum proceedings in the Republic of Serbia – existing practices and opportunities for improvement of the legal framework” from 29. to 30. October in Ečka.

Key stakeholders directly responsible for asylum procedure were invited to discuss the legislative framework relevant to the asylum system in Serbia, as well as to exchange their experience, the achieved result, success, failures and difficulties connected to the implementation of certain programs within the asylum system in Serbia.  New ideas, knowledge and improvement for existing programs were also exchanged. Representatives from Ministry of Interior, Commissariat for Refugees, Commission for Asylum and Civil Society Organizations were present at the two day counselling. 

The counseling is a part of the project “Networking and Capacity Building for More Effective Migration Policy in Serbia – Pursuing Further Progress” and the project “Towards Europeanization of Serbia – Monitoring Established Policies and Practices in the Asylum and Readmission Related Areas in the Republic of Serbia – continuation” aimed at the improvement of public policies and institutional practices related to asylum and readmission.

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