“Olympic Lesson” in the sports hall of the Sports and Youth Centre in Lajkovac

The Olympic Committee of Serbia, in cooperation with Group 484 and the Municipality of Lajkovac, organised the “Olympic Lesson” in the sports hall of the Sports and Youth Center in Lajkovac.

Through joint cooperation, children from “Mile Dubljević” elementary school and children migrants from the Asylum Center in Bogovađa had the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Lesson.

All the participants of the “Olympic Lesson” had the opportunity to take part in different interactive workshops, go through five stations that symbolized five continents and five Olympic values ​​acquired through sports: the joy of the game, fair play, respect, excellence and the unity of the spirit, body and mind. Each value was learned through stories, creative work and exercise.


For the youngest participants, a special workshop titled “Olympic Story” was organised, and the older ones participated in “Olympic Forum”, where our celebrated sports shooter Andrea Arsović socialized with the children: “The Olympic Lesson promotes Olympic values ​​and motivates children to engage in sports. I am happy to be able to help them focus primarily on right values”.

Group 484 Executive Director Vladimir Petronijevic said:

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“Sports and play are the best possible way for the youth to connect, socialize and accept that diversity is richness and that it brings much more to our society than we think”.

Project: Psychosocial Support to Migrant and Refugee Children, Women and Parents/Care-Givers in the Bogovađa Asylum Centre

Project Goal: Psychosocial wellbeing of refugee and migrant children, women and parents/care-givers

Implementation: Group 484 (Direct support program and Educational program “We and the Others”

Support: Save the Children International

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