Financial and Advisory Support to Social Enterprises – F&ASible

The overall objective of the project is to support the development and sustainability of the existing sector of social enterprises. Social enterprises have difficulties in finding the necessary support, and the possible development of social entrepreneurship in Serbia has been burdened by the lack of real understanding of this phenomenon and the complete lack of substantive support, especially by institutional actors. In this context, this project has two, clearly separate, specific objectives:

Specific objectives:

  • Help the promotion of resources and capacities that can significantly improve the business performances of concrete social enterprises;
  • Support the expansion of the existing and launching new business activities, clearly linked with the key social objectives of concrete social enterprises.


Activity 1: analysing key support needs, based on semi-structured telephone interviews with 15 selected social enterprises, and successive planning of concrete support activities;

Activity 2: organising two practical training courses and a series of individual mentoring sessions in the field of marketing positioning and managerial finance;

Activity 3: awarding small cash grants intended for financing procurement of materials and equipment and organising business activities, as well as monitoring activities within the implementation of grants;

Activity 4: defining and providing individual consulting services particularly tailored to the specific needs of each individual social enterprise.

Target groups:

Representatives of social enterprises that have already formed a certain business experience, developed economic activities and ensured certain self-sufficiency, which have also clearly confirmed their social mission and the ability to create social practices that contribute to sustainable development and benefits for specific vulnerable social groups (unemployed women over 50, young people with intellectual difficulties, victims of domestic and partner violence, persons with disabilities, women at risk of trafficking, the homeless, the poor and the elderly in rural areas, refugees, children with difficulties in emotional development)

Implementation period: February 1, 2014 – March 31, 2016

Geographical area: Republic of Serbia

Donor: UniCredit Foundation


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