Improving Migration Policy in Serbia and the Western Balkans – continuation

The project deals with the contribution to the development of the system of reception for different categories of migrants and of an open and tolerant society.

Project objectives:

Contribution to initiating dialogue in local communities about the need for the reception of asylum seekers and integration of refugees

1. Providing social support to asylum seekers through involvement in artistic and cultural activities that will be organised in centres for accommodation of asylum seekers and in the local community;

  1. Training of educational and cultural workers to use the methodology of work with young people to encourage the understanding of the position of asylum seekers and migrants, and to encourage and empower young people for participation in intercultural dialogue in the local communities that receive or will receive asylum seekers;
  2. Bring the experience of asylum seekers and migrants closer to interested citizens and key stakeholders in local communities, as well as the reasons for their migration, in order to open a dialogue on the need for the reception of asylum seekers and integration of refugees

Target groups: 75 teachers of social science subjects in high schools who will participate in the seminar “We and the Others”; minimum 100 high school students who will participate in educational activities on the issue of migration (follow-up seminars); minimum 1,200 visitors of the exhibition “The Border is Closed” (400 visitors per town / 3 towns); minimum 90 participants (citizens and key stakeholders from the local community) of the public debate on the issue of reception and integration of asylum seekers (3 towns / 30 visitors per debate); about 100 asylum seekers who will participate in artistic and social activities (10 visits / 10 asylum seekers per visit)

Implementation period: December 2015 – September 2016.

Geographical area:  Vojvodina (Subotica, Šid), Central Serbia (Belgrade, Loznica (Banja Koviljača)), Southern Serbia (Niš, Vranje, Dimitrovgrad and Preševo)

Donor: Open Society Foundation Serbia


unpredjenje migracionih politika projekat

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