INVOLVED – INclusiVe COmmunities Lead to the Vibrant SociEty without Discrimination

Project deals with contribution to development of inclusive society in which everybody’s human rights and diversity are respected.

Project goal is raising awareness of asylum seekers and migrants, general and professional public on social, economic and cultural rights of asylum seekers and migrants.


– Three seminars on migration issues for students;

– Supportive activities with asylum seekers;

– Preparing awareness raising campaigns;

– Organizing six awareness raising campaigns (including 6 discussions with local decision makers and stakeholders) in order to enhance protection of asylum seekers’ and migrants’ rights;

Target groups: 160 asylum seekers; 60 students of social sciences, humanities and arts; 60 local stakeholders and decision makers; 12000 citizens in 6 towns.

Implementation period: 2016

Geographical area: Vojvodina (Subotica); Central Serbia: Loznica (Banja Koviljača), Lajkovac (Bogovađa); Sandžak: Sjenica and Tutin; South Serbia (Vranje)

Donor: The Delegation of European Union in RS – European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)


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