Migration Policy Agenda – priority in the process of the EU integration of Serbia

Project aims to improve migration and asylum policies in Serbia towards full alignment with the EU standards and inclusion of Serbia into the EU migration policy agenda and debates regarding current migration challenges and policy changes.

Project goal is to enhance local institutional and CSOs capacities for providing effective access to guaranteed rights for migrants, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection in accordance with the reformed domestic legislation and the EU acquis, and to improve national policy reforms related to migration and asylum, in alignment with relevant benchmarks set in action plans for Chapters 23 and 24.


1) Creating guidelines for the implementation of new migration-related legislation at the local level

2) Organization of local discussion workshops on the new migration-related legislation and policy improvements

3) Monitoring and analysing national migration policy developments in the framework of accession of Serbia to the EU.

Target groups: local stakeholders, competent officials in some of the key institutions of the migration and asylum system, various experts, EU officials and representatives of the EU member states, national media, citizens and local communities.

Implementation period: 11 February 2018, 12 months.

Geographical area: Belgrade and Central Serbia, Vojvodina, Eastern Serbia, South-Eastern Srbija, Western and South-Western Serbia.

Partners: /

Donor: Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD).

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