Networking and Capacity Building for More Effective Migration Policy in Serbia – 4th year (as part of the wider project ’’Solidarity Networks’’)

The project is dealing with the promotion of an effective migration management system that is fully aligned with the international standards and focused on access to rights of the most vulnerable categories of migrants.

The project goal: strengthening monitoring and analysis of migration policies, increasing policy initiatives and improving opportunities for capacity building and networking of civil society organisations and representatives of relevant institution.


– Monitoring national asylum and migration policies, with a special focus on the process of adopting new systemic laws.

-Amending the Draft Law on Asylum and Temporary Protection.

-Organising training for representatives of civil society organisations and relevant institutions on the issues of importance for the effective functioning of the migration management system.

Target groups: civil society organisations, national and local state organs and institutions, as well as refugees and unregistered migrants.

Implementation period: December 2016 – ongoing

Geographical area: Serbia

Donor: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia

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