Our town, our schools

Project deals with contribution to creation of intercultural school environment and joint living of children and adults in Bujanovac, and thus to improved social integration and cohesion.


Project goal is decreasing of interethnic distance among youth in Bujanovac.




  • Improved students’ intercultural competences, including knowledge about cultures present in their community, as well as about “shared values”, through intercultural trainings and youth campaigns for students of 2 secondary schools and 8 primary schools;
  • ICE integrated in the teaching process of the 2 secondary schools and 8 primary schools, through trainings for teachers and research projects;
  • Cooperation between 2 secondary schools and 8 primary schools established;


Target groups: Total 3500 children: 480 student directly involved in intensive ICE  training, 240 students will participate in the research projects, 1920 students  will be reached by the trained students through knowledge transfer, all 3500 students will be reached through youth promotional campaigns; 280 teachers; 20 members of school management from 10 schools and 480 parents; minimum 6 persons from local government in charge of education and protection of human rights, local school administration and  Ministry of Education.


Implementation period: from 01 April 2017 to 31 December 2019


Geographical area: Municipality of Bujanovac


Partner: Government of Serbia Coordination Body`s Office for the Municipalities of Preševo, Bujanovac and Medveđa


Donor: Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation


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