preugovor logoProject aims to support the ‘’prEUgovor’’ coalition to grow in capacities and resources, to to influence decision makers and induce significant impact in social dynamics.

Project goals:

  1. a) ensuring transparency of the process of negotiations;
  2. b) establishing a viable mechanism for independent monitoring of Serbia’s track record in areas related to human rights, judiciary, rule of law, and home affairs;
  3. c) regularly reporting on findings, initiate dialogues and debates, creating internal pressure on the government to efficiently and effectively work on improving Serbian society.


1) Communication activities: development of the website, press clipping activities, building relations with selected group of journalists, and facilitate production of relevant investigative stories

2) development of the “prEUgovor” report twice a year, conducting desk research and field monitoring activities

3) Capacity building that will include various forms of exchange of experiences, but also peer training events among members of the “prEUgovor” coalition.

Target groups: Decision and policy makers, civil society representatives, the media, general public.

Implementation period: August 2015- August 2016

Geographic area: Serbia

Partners: ASTRA – Action against Trafficking in Human Beings, Autonomous Women Center, Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, Centre for Applied European Studies, Centre for Investigative Reporting, Group 484, Transparency Serbia.


Donor: Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade

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