Protection of Migrants’ Rights – high on the political agenda (CHANGE)

The project is dealing with strengthening the control of the parliamentary function in the implementation of regulations in the field of migration and asylum.

The project goal is to strengthen the protection of migrant and refugee status in Serbia through the improvement of: the legislative framework in the area of ​​migration management; the process of implementation and monitoring of relevant laws and policies in the field of migration.


– Organising thematic and consultative meetings with relevant representatives of the RS National Assembly on legislative issues in the field of migration policies;

– Developing and promoting comments on the Law on Foreigners and the Law on General Administrative Procedure, which are relevant in asylum and migration procedures;

– Organising public advocacy campaigns at the local and national levels on the reception of migrants in Serbia.

Target groups:

-Members of Parliament (MPs),

-representatives of institutions, decision-makers,

– national civil society organisations with longstanding experience in advocacy and research work in the field of asylum and migration policies, as well as local civil society organisations involved in providing support to particularly vulnerable categories of migrants and refugees, as well as in conducting public advocacy campaigns,

-media representatives and citizens of the towns and municipalities particularly affected by migration challenges.

Implementation period: October 1, 2017, 18 months

Geographical area: Belgrade, Subotica, Loznica, Lajkovac, Sjenica, Niš, Vranje.

Partners: BFPE

Donor: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Serbia

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