Psychosocial Support to Migrant and Refugee Children, Women and Parents/Care-Givers in the Bogovađa Asylum Centre

The project is dealing with strengthening the psychosocial wellbeing of refugees and migrants in the Bogovađa Asylum Centre.


Project Goal:

The main goal of the project is the psychosocial wellbeing of refugee and migrant children, women and parents/care-givers supported through an adequate psychosocial support programme.



  1. Providing psychosocial support to refugee and migrant children within the Child Friendly Space at the Bogovađa Asylum Centre
  2. Providing psychosocial support to women and parents/care-givers to strengthen self-confidence and resilience
  3. Increasing awareness-raising of general public on the position of refugees and migrants in Serbia


Target groups:

There are three major target groups: children, teenagers and women and parents/care givers accommodated in the Bogovađa Asylum Centre.

Implementation period:

October 7, 2016 – December 31, 2016

Geographical area:

Bogovađa Asylum Centre

Donor: Save the Children

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