Support to the First Western Balkan Migration Think Tank

The Think Tank Fund of the Open Society institute has decided to support Group 484 in the development of its Centre for Migration (CEMI). CEMI is a researching and an advocating unit of Group 484. The research and advocacy activities of Group 484 started in 2001 within the Unit for Social Measures and Policies. In time, the volume and scope of these activities grew, which led to the need for establishing the Centre for Migration. First research topics were: Status of forced migrants and integration of forced migrants in a new environment. Then followed some researches into economic migrations in the Western Balkans, particularly migration of youth and highly qualified experts. Based on the research findings, the Centre is focused on supporting the development of public policies that enable a full exercise of migrants’ rights and potential.

Project Goals:
(1) Strengthening the organisation with the aim of improving its advocacy activities in the field of forced migration and taking a leadership advocacy role in the region in solving the extended refugee crisis (the only one in Europe).
(2) Building up capacities for policy analysis and advocating in the field of economic migration
(3) Development of the Centre for Migration’s infrastructure and strategy.

1. Public policies analyses
2. Advocacy activities:
3. Researches
4. Trainings
5. Planning
6. Providing literature

Target groups: Decision and policy makers, civil society representatives, the media, general public, migrants, the academia, Group 484 members

Implementation period: 01 July 2010 – 30 June 2013

Geographic area: Serbia, Western Balkans

Partners: Civil society organisations, the academia

Donor: Think Tank Fund of the Open Society institute, Budapest

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