TOGETHER – Regional CSOs Cooperation

Project aims to achieve common understanding of the Action Plan, to reconfirm the true substance of the protection of rights of refugees and migrants, and to avoid harsh rhetoric within and between the countries in the region.

Project goals:

1) To advocate for protection of rights of migrants and those in need of the international protection in the context of the new EU Action Plan for WB route;

2) To advocate for the improvement of the national asylum and migration policies and common understanding of the new EU approach towards WB route;


1) Development of the research methodology and the content of the policy paper/brief on the EU Action Plan and its consequences;

2) Monitoring activities: conducting field research, interviews with stakeholders responsible for the Action Plan implementation as well as with international organisations;

3) Creation and promotion of the policy paper/brief.

Implementation period: January 2016 – June 2016

Geographic area: Croatia, Serbia.

Partners: Center for Piece Studies

Donor: Dutch Council for Refugees

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