Transnational Networks, Transnational Entrepreneurship and the Role of State

The project researches formal, semi-formal and informal transnational networks developed by transnational entrepreneurs who thus connect the Western Balkans with European and overseas countries. The goal of the research is to draw attention to and raise awareness of the increasingly frequent form of entrepreneurship – initiated by migrants/returnees who wish to use the know-how and experience acquired while working and living abroad for the development of prospective economic activities that could in many ways enhance economic development of both the local community in which the activity takes place and of the whole country in general. On the basis of the research, recommendations will be given to decision makers with the aim of creating a favourable environment and encouraging migrant/returnees entrepreneurship in Serbia and Albania.

Project Goals:
(1) Conducting a research into the manners of transferring social and financial capital, including acquired knowledge, within these networks
(2) Conducting a research into the contribution of this phenomenon to socio-economic development of the abovementioned countries
(3) Examine the role of the Government and its policies in these countries in providing the support to this form of entrepreneurship

1. Qualitative and quantitative research into transnational entrepreneurs
2. Publications on transnational entrepreneurship in Serbia and Albania
3. Policy paper on transnational entrepreneurship in Serbia
4. Policy paper on transnational entrepreneurship in Albania
5. National Round Table (in Tirana)
6. Regional conference on transnational entrepreneurship (in Belgrade)

Target groups:
• Transnational entrepreneurs, policy and decision makers, the academia

Implementation period: 01 July 2012 – 30 June 2013

Geographic area: Albania and Serbia

Partners: Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade; Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania

Donor: Regional Research Promotion Programme in the field of social sciences in the Western Balkans (RRPP), operated by the University in Fribourg, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

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