Psychosocial Program of Group 484 in the Asylum Centre in Bogovađa

Group 484 has started a program of psychosocial support to migrant children, women and parents accommodated in the A20161021_cza-bogovadja-3sylum Centre in Bogovadja.
Through the educational and creative work, the purpose of the program is to give children a sense of security, a zone of joy, the environment that stimulates tolerance and understanding of different identities. A part of the program is also intended for women and parents, their empowerment and development of skills. It is our intention to encourage these vulnerable groups to articulate their ideas, hopes and aspirations through creative and practical workshops.
The activities are implemented within the project “Psychosocial Support to Migrants and Refugees in the Asylum Centre in Bogovadja”, financially supported by Save the Children.

Project: Psychosocial Support to Migrant and Refugee Children, Women and Parents/Care-Givers in the Bogovađa Asylum Centre

Project Goal: Psychosocial wellbeing of refugee and migrant children, women and parents/care-givers

Implementation: Direct support program of Group 484

Support: Save the Children International


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