Challenges of Forced Migrations: Another view of asylum and readmission issues

This publication is a part of continuous efforts of Group 484 to contribute to the development and improvement of migration policies in the Republic of Serbia. This is a third in a row report with a title that reminds us of challenges of forced migrations in Serbia (the first one was published in June 2011, the second one in August 2012, and the third one, which stands here before you, in January 2013).

We have continuously addressed the issues of asylum and readmission; we believe that these issues are complex, important and open, particularly having in mind the fact that there is a tendency to make a connection between them: migration management, social development and inclusion of marginalized groups of people into a local and wider community. The publications comprise two thematic wholes: `Reception of Asylum Seekers in the Republic of Serbia` and `Between Reintegration and Secondary Displacement: return of representatives of Kosovo and Metohija minority communities from Western Europe`. They both tend to present the following: authentic facts about the position of (particular groups of) forced migrants, (un)enforcement of rights that they are entitled to while having this status, activities taken by the state, various national and international stakeholders, and relevant shortcomings of procedures that should improve their position. Both wholes offer an insight into specific topics that have not been addressed very often and that are important for the field concerned.

Challenges of Forced Migrations

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