Challenges of the migrant-refugee crisis from the perspective of CSOs

This publication represents fifth edition of the “Challenges of Forced Migrations” and it is considerably different in form and content from those we published in previous years. It represents analysis of the established system of reception and transit by outlining the work of civil society organizations. The aim of the document is primarily to point out some of the perceived positive and negative aspects of the established system of reception and transit. In addition, we briefly discussed the impact of the migrant crisis on the functioning of the asylum system in the Republic of Serbia. In the preparation of the publication significant contribution was made by the members of the working group for asylum, informal network of civil society organizations, gathering representatives of seven civil society organisations: ASTRA – Anti Trafficking Action, Balkan Centre for Migration and Humanitarian Activities, Belgrade Centre for Human Rights, Humanitarian Centre for Integration and Tolerance, International Aid network, Initiative for Development and Cooperation, with Group 484 as a coordinator.

Challenges of the migrant-refugee crisis

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