Cultural and Ethical Assumptions of Civil Society (Glossary of Civil Society 3)

Articles in this book (294 pages) are formulated in a form of guidelines for one – by far the most comprehensive but still not realized  – Critical Glossary of Civil Society. Guidelines are written in accordance with academic pretensions, as well as with a wish to contribute to better understanding of civil society activities (and, especially, self-understanding of immediate stakeholders) and with methodological ambition to enlighten as detailed as possible the major terms in a complex area, that the authors of contributions in this book defined as `cultural and ethical assumptions of civil society“. The following texts are found in the collection: culture (Ivana Spasic), identity  (Predrag Krstic), morals (Ivan Milenkovic), right (Aleksandar Molnar), justice (Djordje Pavicevic) and religion (Milan Vukomanovic).

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