Irregular could become Regular – Migration from southern Serbia

This short study addresses the experience of migrants from the territory of three municipalities in the south-east Serbia and their motives to migrate. The focus is on the phenomenon of migrations that have extremely increased in number after the introduction of visa-free regime for travelling to the European Union, with an aim (both individual aim and aim of trying to make a living) of applying for asylum in one of the EU Member States. The authors tend to find solutions based on a different way of regulating labour migrations of low-qualified persons – both at EU level and within bilateral relations between some EU Member States and the Republic of Serbia. The study was conducted on the basis of a quality research that included 10 focus group discussions with migrants and key local stakeholders and analyses of secondary sources on relevant legal and institutional framework in Sweden, German and Belgium. The research was conducted by the research team of the Group 484 Center for Migration, in cooperation with Nexus from Vranje.

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