Migrant Integration Policy Index – Regional Findings in WB Region

In  publication Migrant Integration Policy Index – Regional Findings in WB Region, countries Bosnia i Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia were evaluated and mutually compared according to the world recognised methodology Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) used by the Migration Policy Group from Brussels. According to the MIPEX scale, integration policies in Croatia, FYROM, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia are barely halfway favourable for societal integration, scoring below the European average and alongside other ‘new’ immigration countries in MIPEX, such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic. Newcomers in these countries will face slightly more obstacles than opportunities to participate in society. The data was collected and peer reviewed by legal experts in collaboration with Vasa Prava in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies in Croatia, Centre for Research and Policy making in FYROM and Group 484 in Serbia.

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