Policy Recommendations – Transitional Entrepreneurship and the Role of the State

This document has been prepared within the project `Transnational networks, transnational entrepreneurship and the role of the state` , supported through Regional Research Promotion Program (RRPP), run by the  University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). It is aimed at creators of migration and development policies, so that they could take into consideration important migration potential of migrations and migrant entrepreneurs. It is our goal to have the recommendations in this document assist in development and application of measures supporting migrants` entrepreneurship and facilitating the transfer of their knowledge, skills and contacts in the areas important for the development of Serbian economy and society.

Apart from the introductory part, the document consists of six sections. The first section briefly describes theoretical framework based on which the research was conducted and through which the characteristics of transnational entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in Serbia were intended to be revealed. The second part describes research methodology. Third part gives the analysis of the existing institutional framework – strategic and legal, and the incentives for the development of transnational entrepreneurship. The fourth part describes the characteristics of transnational entrepreneurs and companies from Serbia. The fifth section presents possibilities and obstacles to transnational business in Serbia. Sixth section includes conclusions and recommendations.

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