Return of highly qualified migrants to the Western Balkans

Compendium of policy papers

Group 484 has published a publication entitled Return of the highly qualified migrants to the Western Balkans – compendium of policy papers. The compendium is supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy – A project of the German Marshall Fund. Through the project “Advocating for Brain Gain Policies aimed at Reintegration of High-skilled Returnees in the Western Balkans” we wanted to examine characteristics of returnees and return to the Western Balkans, specifically in five countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia. Authors are Tanja Pavlov, Emina Ćosić, Boriša Mraović, Riste Zmejkoski, Marija Cimbaljević, Dženita Brčvak, Blerta Hoxha and Baisa Sefa.

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