Temporary Compensation Beneficiaries from KiM

This research is aimed at better inclusion of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Serbian labour market. The objective of the project was to conduct a research about the scope and effects of temporary compensation and to use this information to define measures for the reform of this form of state budget resources. In order to obtain a realistic picture of the position of IDPs in the labour market and their socio-economic status, Group 484 has conducted a survey with the temporary compensation beneficiaries, with the support of the Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija and the National Employment Service (NES).

In order to examine the effects of this monetary programme and their importance for IDPs, Group 484 also organized three focus groups with IDPs in Belgrade, Kraljevo and Nis.  Also, employees from the institutions dealing with IDPs gave valuable contribution to the creation of this publication with their attitudes, available documents and proposed solutions.

Chapters of this research are as follows: Information on temporary compensation payment, Effects of temporary compensation, Current progress related to temporary compensation, Research results (Basic demographic data, Capacities of temporary compensation beneficiaries, Characteristics of temporary compensation beneficiaries and survival strategy, and Expectations from temporary compensation) and Recommendations.

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