Towards White Schengen List

This Progress Report on visa liberalization process presents the level of compliance with the legal-technical criteria stipulated by the EU plan for liberalization of visa regime with Republic of Serbia (so called Road Map). The criteria are divided into four blocks: Security of documents; Integrated Border Management; Public Order and Safety (preventing and fighting organized crime, terrorism, and corruption); and External relations and Fundamental Rights (freedom of movement of Serbian citizens, conditions and procedures for issuance of personal identity documents, and civil rights, including protection of minorities).

Successful implementation of relevant strategies and laws in these areas are guarantee of fundamental changes in the Serbia society, and they represent and solid ground of different and modern Serbian state. Therefore, the Road Map shouldn’t be understood as a document with “one-off” value, which can be exhausted with the fulfillment of the goal – placing Serbia on the White Schengen List. This document represents a matrix of more than needed reform steps which should help the Serbian society to become more efficient, in order to achieve the general interest of all its citizens.

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