Little Box

One of the specificities of this edition is its design: all five books are placed in a beautiful box that can not be closed, and should not be squeezed somewhere on a shelf, but it can be hung on walls, inviting and calling people to read the books in it… Another specificity is their shorness and conciseness: these books do not scare us with their length, weight, thickness, narrow line spacing, hundreds of pages. The texts do not “torture” the young reader, they can be read in one afternoon / evening, but certainly stay remembered as an inspiration for discussions and reflections … Each writer hosts another author in their book, and so instead of five, in fact we have a total of ten writers in a “Little Box”. And the third, very important specificity is that these books are recommended to high school students by their peers – students from other towns, blurb authors, writing on the book covers about the reasons the books from the “Littile Box” are worth reading.

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Mala kutija 2
Mala kutija 3
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