Humanities in Transition

Humanistika-u-tranziciji-plakat-za-str-na-sajtuSince 2014, in cooperation with “Book Factory” we have organised an educational program for students “Humanities in transition”.  Our intention is to encourage students of social sciences and humanities to reflect about and explore the role of education and culture in transformation of society (impacting on the establishment of a value system that would support the policy of transitional justice and constitutionalisation of democratic system).

For two and a half decades already Serbia has been in a period described as transitional. The purpose of the seminar is to give participants an insight into the basic concepts related to transition, and to show how these concepts can be applied to the understanding and interpretation of the situation in Serbia. In addition to mastering the concepts that should enable precise analysis of social movements in recent decades and open view of the new prospects, lectures are aimed at emphasising the importance of the humanities and social sciences in understanding and encouraging changes in society. The general idea insisted on at the seminars is to raise awareness of the importance of culture and education in transforming society and the state and / or legitimising the existing social movements and the “status quo”.

The team of authors of the educational program consists of: Dejan Ilić, editor of “Word”, Magazine for Literature, Culture and Social Issues and the publishing house “Book Factory” (editor and program manager), Ana Kolarić, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Philology (program associate) and Biljana Đorđević, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences (program associate). During the program, the lecturers that students have the opportunity to discuss with and hear are the authors in the field of social sciences, humanities and literature from the region.

First cycle of Humanities in Transition – October 2014 

Second cycle of Humanities in Transition – July 2015 

Third cycle – 2015-2016 

Seminar Humanities in Transition – I cycle

Seminar Humanities in Transition – II cycle

Seminar Humanities in Transition – III cycle

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