More than Activism or Art as Intermediary

plak mail5This segment of the program was conceived as an independent unit after years of experience in working in Group 484 and using artistic means and combined artistic media in the implementation of local action to promote and affirm the richness of diversity as a socially necessary and desirable state, the democratisation of art, art in public and open spaces, social engagement through artistic expression, sensitivity to vulnerable groups, art as a means of social change…

During several years of active work with young people (primarily with high school and university students), teachers and educators, we made, taking into account and listening to the needs of local communities and talking about the specific problems of the community, a number of interesting and notable actions. Here are a few examples: various actions of reading in public spaces as part of the promotion of regional literature (“Bedtime Reading” in Kikinda, Vranje and Bela Crkva, naming the street after writers from the region as part of the literary festival “Bora’s Gate”, actions of public readings, promotion and decorating trees with books before New Year in Dimitrovgrad), as well as within other programs (public rehearsals and performances with children from the Home for Children and Youth in Bela Crkva, gathered in the choir “Children from the Moon”, as well as children from the Home for Children and Youth in Belgrade (Voždovac), gathered in the choir “AprilZMAJun”, distributing posters all over the town with humorous slogans urging for opening a gallery during the “Night of Museums” in Sjenica, action “Roof over your Head” for raising visibility of the problem of homeless and subtenants – in Vranje and Belgrade, action “Very Similar Cards” and “Here and Now” in Belgrade, Kragujevac, Kraljevo and Ruma – raising visibility of the problem of refugees and displaced persons).

In the upcoming period it is our intention to improve and expand the field of action and contribute to the visibility of cultural institutions – galleries, museums, legacies, cultural centres, film libraries … as spaces that are not only for “nerds”, but as gathering places for exchange and realisation of ideas and good energy, and to try to use public spaces of various purpose (markets, squares, streets, shopping malls, various handicraft shops, bakeries …) as spaced for actions and activities. We want to continue, through different, combined art forms and work with young people in Serbia the promotion of intercultural dialogue, cooperation, developing sensitivity to vulnerable and marginalised groups, calling for a civil solidarity, human values ​​and anti-consumerism.

These activities are implemented in cooperation with the “Jelena Šantić” Foundation.


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